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Episode #159: Kathryn Schmeltz: Massive Value-Add on 1st Syndication

July 14, 2023 Gary Lipsky Episode 159
Real Estate Investor Podcast
Episode #159: Kathryn Schmeltz: Massive Value-Add on 1st Syndication
Show Notes

Today on the Real Estate Investor Podcast, we are joined by Kathryn Schmeltz, a multifamily investor, deal sponsor, and partner at High Five Multifamily who has been buying distressed assets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2013. To date, she has purchased, rehabbed, and successfully sold over 100 single-family residences and invested in over 700 units. In this episode, Kathryn offers some insight into her very first multifamily syndication deal, a distressed 103-unit in Lubbock, Texas, that she bought at 50% occupancy. Despite discovering a few more “skeletons in the closet” than anticipated, Kathryn and her partner were able to more than double their investors’ money in just a couple of years thanks to their rigorous due diligence process, a high level of communication, and a can-do attitude, all of which she highlights as keys to success. To learn more about how Kathryn achieved a massive value-add on her first syndication, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of Kathryn’s extensive experience in real estate.
  • Insight into her first syndication deal, a distressed 1960s C-class at 50% occupancy.
  • The importance of underwriting correctly and communicating with investors.
  • Ways that Kathryn’s approach to value-add has evolved since that first deal.
  • How giving back to residents and fostering a sense of pride can benefit your bottom line.
  • A look at the types of community events that Kathryn likes to organize.
  • Kathryn’s asset management superpower: building strong relationships!

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