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Episode #161: Agostino Pintus – Office Conversions and Diversification

July 28, 2023 Gary Lipsky Episode 161
Real Estate Investor Podcast
Episode #161: Agostino Pintus – Office Conversions and Diversification
Show Notes

If you want to succeed in real estate, then you need to know your market. That is the firm belief of today’s guest, Agostino Pintus. Agostino has almost two decades of experience in real estate and is the Founder and CEO of Bulletproof Cashflow, where he utilizes his expertise to effectively source, negotiate, and acquire commercial properties. In addition to his work as a real estate syndicator and investor, Agostino is also a gifted speaker and serves as an invaluable resource for aspiring commercial real estate professionals. There is nothing quick or easy about succeeding in real estate, and in today’s conversation with Agostino, we hear his advice on how to navigate the industry like a pro. Tuning in, you’ll learn about the biggest mistakes made by newcomers, the benefits of focusing on one market, and why every area presents an opportunity (you just need to learn how to recognize it). Agostino offers insight on key topics, like how to reduce risk, why one should opt for a fixed mortgage rate, and how to choose the right lender, before providing a breakdown of his work in Cleveland and his preference for investing in cash flow. To hear all of Agostino’s essential lessons and takeaways, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest Agostino Pintus.
  • An overview of the three lines of business that Agostino is involved in.
  • The benefits of focusing on one market.
  • How Agostino is taking high and low-rise buildings and turning them into multifamily units.
  • A rundown of the type of tax deals that exist in these scenarios.
  • Making use of opportunity zones (OZs).
  • Reducing risk and why Agostino never takes high-risk deals.
  • Why your lender is your biggest partner.
  • The importance of working with lenders who like the type of assets that you’re pitching them.
  • Why Agostino always opts for a fixed mortgage rate.
  • An outline of the multifamily real estate market in Cleveland.
  • Knowing your market and learning how to recognize opportunities.
  • Key advice for underwriting properly.
  • Agostino’s preference for investing for cash flow.

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