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Episode #164: Nick Stageberg – Infinite Returns

August 18, 2023 Gary Lipsky Episode 164
Real Estate Investor Podcast
Episode #164: Nick Stageberg – Infinite Returns
Show Notes

Where does property value lie? And what are the benefits of taking such good care of your property so that it’s worth more to you than the marketplace? Joining us today to explore these questions and to break down his enlightened approach to investing in real estate is Nick Stageberg, a software tech startup veteran and founder of Black Swan Real Estate, an established firm with over 300 million assets under management. We talk with Nick about his Infinite Returns strategy, his aversion to selling, and why cultivating a long-term mindset is the best way to ensure you make wise investment decisions. Learn how Nick uses deep value-adds to ensure that his units remain in excellent condition many years down the line — when others would typically require new rounds of repairs — and why vertical integration has been such a game changer for his business. Our conversation also covers Nick’s sophisticated approach to aligning his incentives with those of his investors and why serving others, rather than yourself, is such a powerful motivator. To learn more about Nick’s approach and his many fascinating insights on investing in real estate, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Nick Stageberg, Principal at Black Swan Real Estate.
  • The thesis behind Nick’s Infinite Returns strategy.
  • Learn about his deep value-add approach to renovations. 
  • How having a long-term mindset improves your investment decisions.
  • Finding motivation in serving others rather than serving yourself.
  • The power of aligning your incentives with those of your investors.
  • How Black Swan Real Estate uses its profits to give back to the community.
  • What prompted them to become vertically integrated.
  • Why they created a third-party management company.
  • The benefits and efficiencies of bringing multiple services in-house.
  • Insight into Nick’s attitude towards selling.
  • Nick shares his predictions for the Tacoma and Rochester markets.
  • How the proximity of Mayo Clinic influences the Rochester market.
  • Interesting facts about Tacoma, Washington, and why it’s such a hidden gem.
  • How to get in touch with Nick and Black Swan Real Estate.

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