Green Acres Garden Podcast

Perfect Perennials

July 30, 2021 Green Acres Nursery & Supply Season 2 Episode 4
Green Acres Garden Podcast
Perfect Perennials
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Welcome garden friends. This week is all about amazing perennials.  Learn about the beauty and benefits of Coneflowers in this week's staff pick of the week with Tamara. New guest Julie brings a cart full of her favorite perennials to explore what makes this diverse group of plants so special.

Plants mentioned include:  Sombrero® Sangrita Coneflower (pictured), Echibeckia, Orange Skyscraper™ Salvia, Lantana, Statice, and Hibiscus moscheutos.

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Staff Pick of the Week: Coneflower
Intro to Perennials with Julie
Deciduous review
More Perennials with Julie
Wrap up with Austin