16. Fasting With The Seasons
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
16. Fasting With The Seasons
Sep 05, 2022 Episode 16
Jai Sugrim

Welcome to the show folks!!!

Episode 34 is a play by play, multi-day recording of my 72 hour water fast. I usually fast 4 times per year, as the seasons turn from one to the next.

Since I am an experienced faster, I continued my daily yoga practice, and did some work during the 3 days of not eating any food. I do not recommend this if you want to try your first fast. Instead it is best to take off from work, rest more, and remain as chill and meditative as possible.

Here are some interesting Time Stamps!

Settling in Phase (Beginning of the Experience:) 7:56

After 28 Hours of Fasting: 32:02

After 52 Hours of Fasting
:  53:57

After 72 Hours of Fasting:

10 Tips for a fruitful & fulfilling first-time fast:  1:39:01

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