18. Training for Longevity
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
18. Training for Longevity
Nov 04, 2022 Episode 18
Jai Sugrim

On Episode 37 of the podcast I recommend three forms of exercise that should be incorporated into an overall training program for living a long healthy life.

I believe that everyone in the second half of life should work towards 6 hours of exercise weekly, if they wish to “hack” their way to 100, with most of those years being healthy.

In a nutshell, and one broad brushstroke, all you have to do is run, lift weights, do yoga, sleep well and eat healthy. These factors are simplified and of course can be individuated, because for example, not everyone can run today, and fast walking or a bicycle ride will do the job for those folks. But the overarching objectives of this simple suggestion are to work the heart and blood vessels, strengthen the muscles and skeleton, maintain mobility of the spine and major joints, keep the brain healthy, nourish the body with good food, and create room for adequate recovery. 

For this episode I don’t tackle all of the keys to longevity, and instead focus on what I believe is primary, as we will hone our focus on training/exercise programming. 

Extending our health span will be related to how well we train the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, and our mobility. 

On the show I share my personal exercise program, as well as suggestions of how you can create “structured experiments” so you can find your own path, and bow to what works for you, on the journey to optimal health.

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