37. Yoga Therapy
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
37. Yoga Therapy
May 18, 2023 Episode 37
Jai Sugrim

Welcome to the podcast folks, I'm your host, Jai Sugrim, and I am incredibly excited to share with you Episode 37 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast. This episode offers an intimate glance into my private coaching calls and a deep-dive into a truly healing conversation with my client, Robert R. This exchange provides a precious opportunity for us to explore the intersection of spiritual matters and practical aspects of yoga in our daily lives.

The conversation begins at: 26:11

Robert, like many of us, is juggling a demanding full-time office job alongside an ambitious yoga asana training program. While enthusiasm for personal growth and development is commendable, it's important that we balance ambition with reality and ensure our practices are both nourishing and sustainable. As we traverse this journey together, Robert and I discover that sometimes, the greatest act of self-care can be to scale back and adjust our expectations, allowing for greater harmony in our lives.

Throughout our conversation, we delve deep into yoga philosophy. We discuss how spiritual teachings can enlighten our understanding of personal boundaries and energy management. Yoga, in its holistic sense, is not just about the asanas; it is a way of life that guides us to live mindfully and with greater consciousness.

In this episode, you'll witness firsthand the nuances of a coaching relationship. You'll experience the delicate balance between challenge and compassion, the dance between pushing for growth while still maintaining reverence for one's current state of being.

In this real-time coaching call, you'll witness us reconfigure Robert's yoga asana training program, ensuring that it complements his lifestyle rather than competes with it. We spend a considerable amount of time dissecting what's not working, brainstorming solutions, and crafting a more sustainable, supportive, and achievable yoga routine for him.

In addition to this practical advice, we discuss larger spiritual themes related to the practice of yoga and mindful aging. We contemplate how the yoga philosophy can inform our perspective on work-life balance and personal growth, ultimately guiding us towards a more serene and fulfilled existence.

Remember, balance is the essence of a mindful life. As we age, it is important to honor our bodies, respect our boundaries, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and acceptance. Our journey on the mat is not just about achieving the next pose; it's about understanding our own bodies, minds, and spirits.

Thank you for joining me for Episode 37 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast. I hope our healing conversation resonates with you and provides a roadmap for your own mindful aging journey.

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