38. Practically Applied Wisdom - Lori Saitz
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
38. Practically Applied Wisdom - Lori Saitz
May 22, 2023 Episode 38
Jai Sugrim

Episode 38: Practically Applied Wisdom with Lori Saitz

In this episode of The Art of Aging Mindfully, I had the pleasure of speaking with Lori Saitz, a renowned mindfulness coach and founder of Zen Rabbit Baking Company. Lori is committed to empowering individuals to stay calm amidst the stormy seas of life, and today she joined us to share her approach to living a healthy and fulfilling second half of life. 

Lori truly has an incredible ability to break down esoteric spiritual practices into bite-sized chunks that are not just easy to understand, but are easily weaved into your day-to-day life. Throughout our conversation, Lori provided tangible guidance on how to integrate mindfulness and meditation practices into our routines, which can result in remarkable transformations in how we approach and handle life's challenges.

As we navigated the conversation, Lori shared some insights into her coaching style and methods. She discussed the importance of staying grounded and calm, especially in our fast-paced world filled with uncertainties and stresses. Lori's clients are testament to her effective guidance, with many reporting that her mindfulness techniques and meditations have provided a much-needed sanctuary in turbulent times.

Whether you're new to mindfulness practices or an experienced practitioner, Lori's insights offer a fresh perspective and practical guidance. So, tune in, open your mind, and discover how you can apply wisdom practically in your daily life for enhanced calm and tranquility.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation with Lori Saitz. If you're sailing through stormy seas, let Lori's wisdom be your guide to finding calm.

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Stay tuned for more mindful conversations in our upcoming episodes, and remember, it's never too late to start aging mindfully!

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