43. Shaping Behavior Through The Vritti-Samskara-Chakra: A Yogic Perspective
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
43. Shaping Behavior Through The Vritti-Samskara-Chakra: A Yogic Perspective
Jun 27, 2023 Episode 43
Jai Sugrim

Welcome, mindful agers, to Episode 43 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast. Today, we're delving deep into yoga philosophy to uncover how understanding and practicing a key yogic concept can lead to meaningful behavior change.

Start of The Vritti Samskara Chakra Presentation: 17:12

Introduction to Vritti-Samskara-Chakra
We start off by laying some groundwork, explaining the  Sanskrit concepts of vritti, samskara, and chakra. Although they may initially seem esoteric, I assure you that they have practical, day-to-day implications for how we live and change our behaviors.

Unpacking Vritti
We dive into the concept of vritti - the modifications or fluctuations of the mind. Understanding vrittis can give us deeper insight into how our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions shape our daily experiences.

Understanding Samskara
From vrittis, we move onto the idea of samskara. These are latent imprints from past experiences that influence our behaviors, reactions, and habits. I share some personal examples to help illustrate this concept.

Exploring the Meaning of Chakra
Even though the chakra system doesn't feature prominently in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, it's a core aspect of certain yoga traditions. I provide a brief introduction to this energy system and discuss how it could be influenced by our vrittis and samskaras, to create a repeating mental pattern. 

Vritti-Samskara-Chakra and Behavior Change
Once we understand these concepts, we explore how they can inform behavior change. I talk about how samskaras can create recurring vrittis, leading to deeply ingrained patterns, and how understanding this process can help us break free from unhelpful cycles.

Yoga Practices for Behavior Change
In the latter part of the episode, we turn to specific yoga practices that can help us lighten the load of our past, reducing the influence of our samskaras, and making space for healthier patterns. I discuss various techniques from asana practices to pranayama, from meditation and mindfulness to mantra chanting, and even the study of sacred texts.

Closing Thoughts
We wrap up with some final reflections on the transformative potential of these practices. Through understanding and working with our vrittis and samskaras, and harnessing the wisdom of yoga, we can replace outdated and unhealthy tendencies with more resourceful and healthier ways of being.

Thank you for joining me for this enlightening episode. I always welcome your feedback and questions. Stay mindful, and I'll see you in the next episode!

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