46. The Journey to The Philadelphia Marathon - Part 1
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
46. The Journey to The Philadelphia Marathon - Part 1
Sep 14, 2023 Episode 46
Jai Sugrim

Welcome to Episode 46 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast!

Today we're kicking off a special four-part series, and in this first installment, we delve into the beginning of my journey as I train for the Philadelphia Marathon. We're looking at the "whys," the hurdles, the training log, and how my body is adapting so far.

In This Episode, You'll Learn About:

1.  Why I Chose to Run This Marathon

  • Discover the deep-seated motivation and driving force that led me to take on this life-altering challenge. Is it a quest for personal growth, a ticking time milestone, or something else

 2.  Navigating Hurdles and Plateaus:

  • It's not all smooth sailing! I share some early obstacles and how I've managed to move past them. These insights could offer you a new perspective in overcoming your own personal or physical challenges.

3.  Training Log - First Three Weeks:

  • Transparency is key, so I'm sharing all the numbers. From the miles logged to the heart rate metrics, we'll break down what the data suggests and how it's guiding my training regimen.

4.  Body Adaptations:

  • Training for a marathon is as much a physiological journey as it is a mental one. I'll share some surprising and not-so-surprising ways my body is adapting to the increasing rigors of my training schedule.

5.  Psychological Preparations:

  • The mind plays a huge role in any endeavor. We'll dig into some psychological aspects, including mindset shifts and mental strategies, that are crucial in the early stages of marathon training.

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