47. Svadhyaya - Six Ways to Study Oneself
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
47. Svadhyaya - Six Ways to Study Oneself
Oct 05, 2023 Episode 47
Jai Sugrim

On episode 47 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast,  I delve into the profound yogic principle of svadhyaya, which translates to self-study. Svadhyaya isn't merely a theoretical concept; for me, it's been a cornerstone emphasizing the deep significance of self-reflection, introspection, and personal study throughout my spiritual journey.

I share six practices/techniques for self study, which can lead to profound insights.

Vinyasa Yoga:
My experience with vinyasa yoga has taught me that it's more than a series of postures. It’s a poetic dance of breath, movement, and keen awareness that evokes introspection. As I transition from one asana to another, I consistently confront the intricate layers of my body and spirit. This isn't just a physical discipline for me; it's a transformative pathway into svadhyaya, where I've unearthed deep insights into my thought processes, emotions, and intrinsic nature.

Meditation Practice:
Through meditation, I've been able to dive deep into the tranquil depths of my mind. Whether I practice mindfulness or focus on specific thoughts, meditation has been a wellspring of clarity and emotional balance, shedding light on my ever-evolving patterns and feelings.

Wearing a Biometric Device:
In embracing modern technology, I've found that biometric devices serve as invaluable tools for self-study. These devices, like the Whoop Strap I wear, have given me a data-driven reflection of my physical well-being, daily rhythms, and emotional states.

In my youth journaling has been a canvas, capturing my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Each entry acts as a portal, letting me revisit moments, understand recurring themes in my life, and process complex emotions.

Through my sessions in NLP counseling, I've been able to navigate deeper into my psyche. These professional engagements have helped me unpack past experiences, current behaviors, and future aspirations, offering nuanced perspectives on my motivations and fears.

Asking for Feedback:
I’ve always believed in the power of feedback. Listening to others' perceptions, compared against my self-view, has provided a holistic perspective on my journey.  When I started teaching yoga, I asked for valuable feedback on my teaching methods and style from advanced teachers.  Their insights were very helpful in my evolution. 

Join me in this episode as I share my personal voyage into svadhyaya, revealing the pathways I've taken to understand my strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and deep-rooted motivations. After all, the journey into oneself is perhaps the most enriching, shaping our well-being, personal growth, and the essence of mindful living.

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