49. "Embracing Silence: My Vipassana Journey and Tips for Your Own Silent Retreat"
The Art of Aging Mindfully
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The Art of Aging Mindfully
49. "Embracing Silence: My Vipassana Journey and Tips for Your Own Silent Retreat"
Oct 20, 2023 Episode 49
Jai Sugrim

Welcome to The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast, Episode 49

In this deeply introspective episode, I dive into the transformative world of Vipassana Meditation. As one of the oldest forms of meditation, Vipassana has offered me a unique pathway to self-discovery and inner peace. I share my personal and profound journey into its depths with you. From the initial challenges to the revelations and heightened awareness, I give you an intimate look at what it truly means to sit in silence and confront oneself.

But this episode isn’t just about my journey. For those of you who feel inspired by my tale, I've also included invaluable tips and guidance. If you’re intrigued by the idea of a silent retreat but unsure of where or how to begin, I hope to light the way. Whether you're keen to embark on your own Vipassana experience or simply wish to create a silent retreat in the comfort of your home, I offer my insights and suggestions. Join me, and let's journey together into the silence that can truly transform us.

Enjoy and share this episode!

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