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152: Adelaide's Go Getter Gals
July 20, 2016 Steve Davis

Adelaide's Go Getter Gals are Caitlin Harvey and Chloe Reschke-Maguire. They are both known to this program because both of them are proactive in pursuing ventures and TALKING about them publicly. We have met Caitlin before with her Feast On Foot business (walking food tours of Adelaide) which has a new offshoot, a dumpling tour. She also has a venture called Up In Smoke which taps into the current low, slow barbecue phenomenon and she has a chocolate venture which we won't be getting stuck into tonight, sadly, called Carpe Koko. Meanwhile, we first met Chloe when she was the voice, the face and the energy of Yelp in Adelaide but she's recently struck out on a new venture, The Pop Up Co. This events company creates 'pop up' events that bring people together into quirky spaces for what Chloe calls, immersive engagement. And that's what we're all about tonight so let's engage with each other immersively on topics of getting businesses underway and getting money more than hashtags. We discuss The key to successful business The danger of looking at social media in a superficial way Why we still single out 'female' business people as 'special' Turning friends into customers or clients Learning to value our work Home delivery by Foodland The best way to make yourself a valuable celebrity guest at events Also appearing with our Go Getter Gals In the musical pilgrimage, we hear a track from an EP by Fergus Maxiumus that was only launched Sunday night The SA Drinks Of The Week are from Chloe and Caitlin's secret cellars In IS IT NEWS, Nigel tests us on women in business We will remind you to become part of our podcast by joining our Inner Circle. It's an email list. Join it and you might get an email on a Sunday or Monday seeking question ideas, guest ideas and requests for other bits of feedback about YOUR podcast, The Adelaide Show. If you enjoy the show, please leave us a review in iTunes or other podcast sites. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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