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153: Adelaide Food Bloggers Central
July 27, 2016 Steve Davis

Adelaide is blessed by all things food and wine and that means we are home to quite a few food bloggers. While most are earnest and driven by passion, a few are slimy and misguided and resort to buying fake followers and likes for their social media accounts so they can trick businesses into paying for their social coverage. Today's guests abhor such shady practices, are fully immersed in the foodie world and they have a real talent for whetting the appetite for all things food. Dr George Ujvary is South Australia's first food blogger as The Foodologist, a lecturer in Gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu, Australia, managing director of his family's business, Olga's Fine Foods, and a board member of Food South Australia and Master Butchers Limited. Amanda McInerney blogs as Lambs Ears And Honey covering how and where to eat all around the world along with how to find the best food and drink wherever you find yourself, she is a contributor to SA Life, a program director for the Tasting Australia food/travel bloggers conference Words To Go, and co-founder of Food Bloggers Australia. We discuss Where food should sit on the continuum between functionality and pleasure How to find good food anywhere in the world How Twisties are made Gastronomy - the real version How to eat horrible foods How to limit food wastage at home Food bloggers buying fake likes and followers basically committing fraud Waiting as a career The Yo Yo biscuit jingle Seafood phobias Better breakfasts GM foods Also appearing with our Adelaide Food Bloggers In the musical pilgrimage, we hear a track from prolific local songwriter, Steve Charles, Two Legged Fish The SA Drink Of The Week is a Bethany Wines Semillon In IS IT NEWS, Nigel tests us on Food And The War Years News about Nigel and I playing games in Mannum And please consider becoming part of our podcast by joining our Inner Circle. It's an email list. Join it and you might get an email on a Sunday or Monday seeking question ideas, guest ideas and requests for other bits of feedback about YOUR podcast, The Adelaide Show. Email us directly and we'll add you to the list: If you enjoy the show, please leave us a review in iTunes or other podcast sites. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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