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155: The case for gender equity
August 10, 2016 Steve Davis

If you work for or run an organisation, do you know what percentage of your leadership team needs to be female for you to boost your financial performance and improve employee productivity and engagement? It is not 100 per cent. Nor is it 75 per cent. Nor is it 50 per cent. According to research, the critical threshold is just 30 per cent. To understand what that means and to get an update on our progress towards closing the gender gap throughout society, we have turned to Dr Gemma Munro, CEO and founder of Inkling Women. We discuss Executive level gender gap Gender gaps at home Leadership styles Boobs Pay rate discrimination Julia Gillard misogyny speech Former Saatchi and Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts Person, Partner, Parent Singing with the Rolling Stones Breaking negative self-talk Leaning into discomfort Also appearing on our Case For Gender Equity episode In the musical pilgrimage, we hear a track from Caramigo The SA Drink Of The Week is a Nero D'Avola from Fox Gordon In IS IT NEWS, Michael tests us on attitudes to women in leadership News about another place where you'll find us this week And please consider becoming part of our podcast by joining our Inner Circle. It's an email list. Join it and you might get an email on a Sunday or Monday seeking question ideas, guest ideas and requests for other bits of feedback about YOUR podcast, The Adelaide Show. Email us directly and we'll add you to the list: If you enjoy the show, please leave us a review in iTunes or other podcast sites. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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