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174 - A Family Christmas
December 21, 2016 Steve Davis

Family by family. That is how communities are built and it's also how they crumble. We have become so used to building and managing communities at scale, trusting in big business to create jobs and government to mop up when things go wrong, that we can feel isolated and disempowered when we hear that our famous "battlers" are really doing it hard. That's why Family By Family has caught our attention. Its mission and vision is to see families thrive, not just survive, and it does it by finding, coaching and linking up families who then develop each others' networks and goals. It's not political, religious, government or judgemental, and that's why we're talking with family coaches, Leanne Evans and Emma Johnston, Karen Lewis Operations Manager and Kylie Spilsbury (member of a sharing family) to find out more. We discuss How families are experts Why it is important not to be from government or a religious organisation How families work with each other What it means to be family How to cope at Christmas How to manage alcohol consumption in family settings Also appearing in the Family Christmas episode A dry Christmas in Rundle Mall In the musical pilgrimage, we'll hear You Don't Have To Wait For Christmas Day The SA Drink Of The Week is ...Di Giorgio Family Lucindale Cabernet Sauvignon In IS IT NEWS, Nigel tests us on families in Adelaide. And please consider becoming part of our podcast by joining our Inner Circle. It's an email list. Join it and you might get an email on a Sunday or Monday seeking question ideas, guest ideas and requests for other bits of feedback about YOUR podcast, The Adelaide Show. Email us directly and we'll add you to the list: If you enjoy the show, please leave us a 5-star review in iTunes or other podcast sites, or buy some great merch from our Red Bubble store - The Adelaide Show Shop. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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