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189 - Game On South Australia Level Two
April 05, 2017 Steve Davis

Robin Potanin has spent two decades in the world of games and entertainment while being based here in Adelaide. Tonight, we continue working our way through the many levels of her story and that of the industry itself as we say, Game On South Australia. This is Level Two. Last week, we began and level one and covered some gruelling territory with Robin, you might want to listen to episode 188 of The Adelaide Show Podcast before listening to this one. The cover image for this week's show is a portrait of Robin done by her husband, Stewart MacFarlane. This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is Love Symbol Grenache from Anna Fisher's Zonte’s Footstep We also have a bonus interview with a local computer game coder, Ella Macintyre from Mighty Kingdom. Our in-house voiceover artists, AJ and Caitlin Davis do this interview about Mighty Kingdom's Shopkins games. In 100 Weeks Ago we relive the rivalry of the Wine vs Beer night at BV Brewing in the Barossa Valley And in the musical pilgrimage ... the Memphis Suns whet our appetites for this Sunday's Rock N Roll Rendezvous at the National Motor Museum, Birdwood And please consider becoming part of our podcast by joining our Inner Circle. It's an email list. Join it and you might get an email on a Sunday or Monday seeking question ideas, guest ideas and requests for other bits of feedback about YOUR podcast, The Adelaide Show. Email us directly and we'll add you to the list: If you enjoy the show, please leave us a 5-star review in iTunes or other podcast sites, or buy some great merch from our Red Bubble store - The Adelaide Show Shop. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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