Power of the Pivot Podcast

013: The Fashion, the Funds, the Fight with Kerry, Katy, and Shelly of Cancer Cartel

January 12, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 13
Power of the Pivot Podcast
013: The Fashion, the Funds, the Fight with Kerry, Katy, and Shelly of Cancer Cartel
Show Notes

Fighting cancer is no joke. Most of the cancer warriors did not only worry about their battle with cancer but also how much their cancer was costing them and their families.

Kerry, Katy, and Shelly all fight and win against cancer. They see and hear other people's struggles firsthand. As a way to support their cancer comrades, they build Cancer Cartel and use fashion to fund the fight for cancer warriors so they can focus on getting well.

In this episode, the ladies of Cancer Cartel talk about their resilient journey in helping cancer warriors fund their battle through donations, grants, strategic brand partnerships, and events. They also share how they started, the sacrifices they made to help cancer warriors, and how people can take part in saving a warrior's life.

Show Highlights:

[09:39] I would say we learned a lot from a lot of charities about what we don't wanna be and what we don't wanna do.

[17:34] When we designed Cancer Cartel, we designed it with the premise that 100% of our donor funds will always go to the Cancer Warrior in need, but in order to operate. We need operating costs.

[21:26] We kicked off the Cancer Cartel right before the pandemic. So, we knew people were home during that time, and we started reaching out to various stylists in LA, and New York, especially some in Dallas, and so they connected us with some of their clients who donated clothing and stuff.

[23:45] We've become a resource in the cancer space. We continue to disrupt the cancer nonprofit world as well as just the nonprofit world in general.

[38:18] I might get scared about the direction, like, oh my gosh, we're so overwhelmed, and then these two come in and say, we got this. So we have that, we can build each other.

[41:33] Even though we're not getting paid, we definitely feel like we are getting something huge out of this ourselves.

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