Power of the Pivot Podcast

014: Get Your Shit Together: 5 Simple Tips to Organize your Computer

January 19, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 14
Power of the Pivot Podcast
014: Get Your Shit Together: 5 Simple Tips to Organize your Computer
Show Notes

Do you have a messy computer? With all the random photos, downloaded PDFs of recipes, and freebies that you grab, it literally looks like a big digital chaos.

A cluttered computer is difficult to navigate, so cleaning and tidying up things is important. It may be a bit tedious work, but getting the results you wanted is so refreshing.

This is the first episode of the Get Your Shit Together series, where I give bite-sized actionable tips you can take and apply to build a digital life and business in your fifties and beyond.

In this episode, I share simple steps on how to declutter and organize your computer, so you have the confidence to use it as a powerful tool for your life and business. Each step is designed to help you create a one-and-done system that you can keep and repeat as you move through life.

Show Highlights:

[02:09] Being a systems girl myself, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that having some simple systems in place not only helps me with my clarity, it has allowed me to scale and grow my team in a way that is both efficient and productive.

[02:54] Whether you're building a business or not, creating order out of chaos will give you the confidence and the tools to manifest whatever it is you desire to create

[05:58] By picking only one. This does a few things. It allows you to focus on one area of your life and it will eliminate both overwhelm and burnout.

[09:06] I bet you have a dozen or two of the same photo of your kid picking up a bat. Pick one or two of those for saving, but put the rest in the trash.

[11:30] As you start to label stuff, you're going to see that you really don't need a lot of the things you've been saving. Next week when you go back to your blocking, you get to start fresh, and that's always a really great feeling.

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