Power of the Pivot Podcast

015: The Art of Redesigning Your To-Do List for Success with Laurey Bennett-Levy

January 26, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 15
Power of the Pivot Podcast
015: The Art of Redesigning Your To-Do List for Success with Laurey Bennett-Levy
Show Notes

One of the most effective ways of being productive and staying organized is using a to-do list. But when you have a LOT of items listed and never really do it, you'll only end up stressed. Laurey used to have a crazy to-do list until I helped her redesign it for success.

In this episode, we have Laurey Bennett Levy in our client spotlight. Laurey is an artist, a dear friend, and a client. We have been working together for the past 7 years, and it has been such an honor to walk with her and witness the growth and success of her artistic career.

During the conversation, Laurey shares how her life and career changed and led her to reignite her passion for art. Laurey talks about how her crazy to-do list became more focused and organized, how she created an automated community with 300+ members, and how she built a business and the life she desires in her fifties.

Show Highlights:

[05:34] I was a graphic designer all those years, and I think that's a business where you create things for other people. I believe that this stage of my life as my mothering is not as much needed, and we are not the same family paradigm. I just wanted to do something that was for me, and painting and art are for me.

[08:20] What I love about ourselves is that we get really vulnerable at how hard we work. It's a hard job as a 50-year-old and up to push yourself into this 30-year-old world, but we're doing it

[11:10] You took me into that list and said, "label everything from one to five. Label the things that have to get done right now".

[19:39] The biggest leap was getting that to-do list almost as a piece of art itself to make it beautiful so that I feel like "I just always say, you take away my anxiety about everything."

 [22:07] What I'm doing behind the scenes is getting the rest of my life together so that when the passion for using my hands and making art, I know it will come back.

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