Power of the Pivot Podcast

017: Spark your Business using Pinterest with Sandy Park

February 09, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 17
Power of the Pivot Podcast
017: Spark your Business using Pinterest with Sandy Park
Show Notes

Have you ever found yourself scrolling the social platform, Pinterest, to find the best recipe, a storage idea for your small office, or a how-to start your first knitting project? Well, guess what, it’s also a great place to build brand awareness for your online business.

In this episode, we have Sandy Park as our guest. Sandy, a former accounting executive, and consultant, pivoted to entrepreneurship after her second child was born. Using Pinterest to help her declutter and prepare for baby number 2, she realized that this platform could also be the vehicle to help her build her online, digital empire.

Sandy shares tips on how to start with your Pinterest journey and a list of technical but helpful terms to be familiar with in generating customer connections.

Show Highlights:

[4:48] Started to have some mental clutter as to how I wanted to shift my career at that time and do some pivots. And so what ended up happening was I moved from a pure employee role in accounting to consulting with myself. That was a big shift.

[8:47] I have the creative hat but I'm also looking at it from an analytical standpoint. 

[20:12] I know I was petrified in the beginning when I started my journey of posting because I want to get it just right, but the truth is there is no such thing as just right, you can only test, test and test again.

[22:26] Put it in a box, put it to the side, and start fresh. Create a new system and then if you want to, if you feel so compelled, you can go back to that box and start organizing. But no, that is not going to stand in your way moving forward.

[26:58] If you want the biggest bank to your buck, right now in this environment, it's short-form video, hands down.

[32:40] I am already living my dream life, truly. I already have the slow mornings, I already have the time freedom, and the location freedom, so for me, I would like more of this, to be honest.

[38:00] Literally a grain of sand in the ocean, that is what each post represents and if that is true, Nobody is going to see this, might as well build up my skill and get out there. 

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