Power of the Pivot Podcast

018: Where's The Damn File?

February 16, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 18
Power of the Pivot Podcast
018: Where's The Damn File?
Show Notes

Are you running out of computer storage?

The truth is, your storage is at its max because you have so much clutter, duplicate files, and outdated downloads, that your computer is not running at its full capacity.

When it comes to clearing the clutter, it’s so much easier to physically see a messy closet, an overpacked and neglected garage, and a pantry that has way too many bottles of unopened olive oil.

Your computer, not so much. All you really see is the screen and whatever tabs you have open. There is so much that is buried, thus forgotten

In this episode of Get Your Shit Together, I share with you  5 tips on how to begin developing a labeling system that will make better sense when it comes to all those damn files.

In listening to this episode, you will learn my process for how I have started tackling this beast and my hope for you is that you walk away with a little bit of inspiration to do the same. This step-by-step approach could be the difference between feeling as though you need to buy a new computer or saving the one you already have.

Show Highlights:

[04:47] Go through that KEEP folder and see if you can begin to determine the important categories of your life. In my program, I call these pillars but for the sake of keeping it simple - we will call them categories.

[05:39] Example: Inside the keep folder - create a subfolder and call it Kids. See - what you are actually doing here - is STARTING.

[11:24] Inside that one kid folder, start to break down the different areas of their life. It could be as simple as baby, sports, school, or as detailed as year, age, etc.

[10:38] Starting with just one area of your life, or in this case, one kid - how you set up this labeling system inside your filing structure - will be the model or foundation for all the other folders you create from here on out.

[11:15] Back it up! I don’t care what you use as long as it’s cloud-based.

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