Power of the Pivot Podcast

019: Looking at the Bigger Picture with Shelley Levy

February 23, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 19
Power of the Pivot Podcast
019: Looking at the Bigger Picture with Shelley Levy
Show Notes

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur but are not quite sure where to start? Most of you have more than enough talent and resources to build your business, but what holds you up, is where and how to begin.

In this episode, Shelley Levy takes the seat in our client spotlight. Shelley is an artist who had an amazing journey painting her path to success. As a dear friend and client, Shelley and I worked together to cast a wider and bigger vision. As someone who was teaching art, both privately and in groups, I showed her how she could scale that knowledge. 

The truth, as a team of one, her earning capacity has a ceiling on it. But in our strategy sessions, I helped her reframe her mindset to see what is possible. Because she was open and ready to grow, in a very short amount of time, we built a new framework for her website, outlined several digital courses that will be launched very soon, crafted a new marketing strategy, and most importantly, elevated her confidence to go bigger.

You will hear Shelley as she shares her story and how she used her artistic background to create multiple streams of income. She also talks about how I helped and motivated her to put together a business that showcases not only her talent but her ability to serve and teach others.

Episode Highlights

[03:35] I did loads and loads of murals then I transitioned into being an oil painter, which is my love, that and pencil drawing. Alongside that, having shows and being fortunate to be commissioned a lot, one of my great passions is teaching.

[04:44] I wasn’t quite sure how working with you would work for me. It was a little bit of a commitment for me to say Yes Susan I’m going to do your program and work with you. I’m apprehensive about how would it work out.

[06:37] Somebody such as yourself is such a motivator in a really incredibly gentle way. You pulled the whole thing together for me. With your guidance, we’ve got so much done.

[12:10] It’s not really so much about marketing. It’s storytelling. It’s how you’re going to be the narrator of your story to attract the right audience, the right buyers.

[15:10] – You weren’t one of those people that tells me to do this because I think it will be good for you. You’re like I’m looking at your big picture and I want you to have a way bigger picture than you ever thought you could.


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