Power of the Pivot Podcast

021: How to discover your inner writer with Zafira Rajan

March 09, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 21
Power of the Pivot Podcast
021: How to discover your inner writer with Zafira Rajan
Show Notes

Have you lost your writing voice? Do you struggle with telling your story, sharing your narrative, or explaining what you do and who you help?

Developing your core message at any age is difficult, let alone in your 50s, but I can tell you this when you are tapped into your purpose and your promise, this storytelling gets a little bit easier.

In this episode, Zafira Rajan helps you get back your writing voice and outlines how you can define your message using a few, simple tips. She’s a branding strategist and copywriting guru.

As a personality-driven copywriter, she envisions unblocking her clients' creativity and helping them find their voice through their writing. And sprinkling the quirky stuff about yourself, the stuff only your BFFs know will be pivotal in attracting your ideal people.

By the end of this interview, you will learn how to unblock your voice, start a writing ritual, and reclaim your creativity.

Show Highlights:

[9:01] I tried everything. I tried social media marketing, blogging, emails, and graphic design to bring copy and visuals together powerfully. Slowly over the years, I niched down to what I do now, which is personality-driven copywriting.

[16:41] I really want to create this extensive ease and flow and beyond that, we talk about personality-driven copy that is always been my specialty, something I incurred, infuse the weird, infuse the quirks, the little part of you that you don’t think is so relevant but I think offers a point of connection to your audience.

[21:41] There are things happening in your life all the time that you just never know whether people will find interesting or not. That's like the email I find sometimes could almost be a little like reality TV but digital. 

[25:10] The point of doing free writing exercises is just not to edit as you write. Just process without judgment and revisit it later. Because the other big mistake I know people make is editing as they go and they got stuck in this perfectionism spiral.

[32:30] I'm a manifester and energetically I go through periods you know just thoughts of creativity and action, doing, doing, doing and I like to need big cycles of rest to recharge.

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