Power of the Pivot Podcast

023: Finding Your Super Niche with Andrea Daniels

March 30, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 23
Power of the Pivot Podcast
023: Finding Your Super Niche with Andrea Daniels
Show Notes

Tapping into your niche is one thing, owning it is another. 

 Having the confidence to ask for help is not easy for most people. But when my client, Andrea Daniels, founder of Brightside Referrals, reached out she knew she wanted more but wasn’t quite sure what that more was.

 In today’s episode, you will hear how she and I collaborated in a creative way to take her business to the next level. She shares how one of her biggest takeaways was how I offered her a more macro view of what is possible. Living in the day-to-day life, work, and the obstacles that come along with it, kept her a bit small and she was excited to change that perspective.

If you are part of the sandwich generation or starting to explore the possibility of placing one of your loved ones in a senior care facility, Andrea explains some key points when considering the what and the where. She also tells you what to ask yourself when walking down this path.

Show Highlights:

[8:38] How to handle not loving marketing on social media.

[11:53] How investing in Susan instilled confidence in Andrea.

 [15:22] Learning to plan out the goals in a systematized way by going from large to small and being able to use those tools over and over again.

[16:37] What not to at the beginning of building your business.

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