Power of the Pivot Podcast

024: Life Beyond Ambition

April 06, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 24
Power of the Pivot Podcast
024: Life Beyond Ambition
Show Notes

Women in their 50s are coming to terms with their mortality, and their legacy, and thinking about “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

So many of you have made decisions that didn’t always put you first. And because of that, you are redefining life as you knew it. 

And because of that, you are finding yourself a bit stuck, maybe a little lost, and questioning if is there Life Beyond Ambition.

If you are at a crossroads and struggling with your life’s purpose, this episode is for you. 

I will be sharing with you how to identify your inner voice, share what you already know, and how you can monetize your mission. 

Being a part of this exclusive club, what I like to call “the what’s next generation,” is a special place to be. You have raised the kids and have prioritized everyone around you and it’s time to set everyone free…including yourself.

Show Highlights:

 [04:47] What you did prior matters. Even if that meant heading up the school fundraiser, organizing and driving on field trips, or starting a “board” dedicated to raising funds, and making your kid's football experience in high school a better one. 

 [6:41] I was able to use the skills that I often take for granted; photography, writing, cooking, meal planning, meal prepping, and networking, and morph them into a community.

 [9:30] If there were absolutely no limits - and you could do and be anyone or anything - what would that be and why? I ask you this because sometimes you deserve to simply dream the dream. 

[10:49] Let’s make a pact right here, right now - no regrets ladies. Now is the prime time to do the thing. There is one thing we have in our favor that our 20, 30, and even 40-year-old selves didn’t have. 

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