Power of the Pivot Podcast

025: Why 55 is the perfect age to learn something new with Stacy Valner

April 13, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 25
Power of the Pivot Podcast
025: Why 55 is the perfect age to learn something new with Stacy Valner
Show Notes

It takes curiosity, fearlessness, and tenacity to learn something new.

At age 55, Stacy Valner is doing that and so much more.

 Stacy is my guest today; an entrepreneur, wife, mother of four, founder of PHASE ONE, and now CEO behind the luxury brand, Meadow

Over the past 20+ years, her non-profit, Phase One, has raised millions of dollars for cancer research. However, when her 4th child left for college, she got a little antsy. Although she continues on her mission to save lives, as an empty nester, she was craving something that felt a bit more feminine, creative, and pretty.

But she wasn’t quite sure what that next thing was.

Then the pandemic happened. As someone who has always traveled, she was missing the luxuries that only a hotel room can bring and because of that, she embarked on launching a luxury brand from scratch. 

Her idea was to create a line of products that would embody everything one would find in a luxurious hotel room. She wanted everyone to experience that same feeling at home that one feels while traveling.

And in building out her brand she not only learned about trial and error but also learned about resilience. She also learned to lean into her curiosity and that it’s okay to fail. That’s where the biggest growth happened. 

Show Highlights:

[12:49] As a recent empty nester it was important that felt feminine and pretty and creative.

[19:31] The best part about building a business is seeing your tenacity, seeing how you're constantly putting a square peg in a round hole, and then when you finally get that square peg in a square hole, it's like this aha moment, you know, so you know you live and you learn.

[21:56] I ultimately went with the company where I could load my percentages, and I could combine the fragrances that felt right to me. 

[22:56]  It was really more about you wanting to create a feeling and an experience, which I love, which I think is really, in my opinion, the key to success.

[24:42] As a mom and a wife and someone whose last child finally went away to college and I became an empty nester. It was really important to me to maintain a sense of independence.

[31:23] Talk to everybody and get as much information as you can. 

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Explore Stacy Valner's websites at PhaseOneFoundation.org and MeadowMoment.com and connect with her on LinkedIn
You may also follow Stacy on Instagram
Rocket fuel (book mentioned)  https://amzn.to/3Kl4uxq

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