Power of the Pivot Podcast

026: Be Your Own North Star: Trusting Yourself First

April 22, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 26
Power of the Pivot Podcast
026: Be Your Own North Star: Trusting Yourself First
Show Notes

As a woman who is part of the what’s next generation and seeking life beyond ambition, starting over or starting something new is never easy. 

It takes time, patience, and most importantly, the willingness to do it.

Being bold and having the confidence to say I am going to launch the business, the product, or the service is the first step. Building and executing it is a whole different set of challenges.

And because of that, most of these highly creative, educated, and industrious women are putting their trust in others to carry out their dreams.

In this week’s episode of Get Your Shit Together, I am sharing with you the importance of tapping into your gut so that you can trust yourself before trusting others.  

Learning to do the “thing” which can be as simple as logging into your website or setting up your email address, will help you be less vulnerable and more independent as you move through your entrepreneurial journey.

By the end of this episode, you will understand that there are no shortcuts and how to walk before you run.


2:12 | You have to learn how to navigate all the tech, information, and resources

[2:30] The story about 4/20 and the power of cannabis, is it really the best prescription to relieve stress and be more creative?

[3:30] You have to understand the “How” and the “WHY” if you really want to learn

[3:55] “The more you know how to operate the things you are building and creating, the better equipped you are to ultimately grow and scale your business”

[6:20] Finding your way and building your own system is not an easy route as it requires patience, failure, and frustrations

[8:20] Starting over and starting something new easy and if you are seeking support, don’t make the same mistakes my client made. 

[9:02] The 5 tips that will allow you to trust yourself so that you can ultimately trust others on this journey


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