Power of the Pivot Podcast

027: Sisterhood and Inspiration: Learning from One Another

May 04, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 27
Power of the Pivot Podcast
027: Sisterhood and Inspiration: Learning from One Another
Show Notes

Thinking about reinventing oneself after 50 is one thing. Taking action with gusto and determination is another.

My client, Heather Hartt did just that!

She began her career as a copywriter in advertising, over 40 years ago. Soon after she went on to become a reporter and Associate International Editor for The Hollywood Reporter, and later became the host of E Entertainment Television.

Struggling with what to do next (while raising her kids and taking care of her family), she circled back to her passion for the written word and it was actually her kids that inspired her next career.

In this week’s episode, Heather talks about the evolution of being a published children’s book author and how when she found herself at a crossroads, she found me. At the time that we met, her only goal was to find a new agent but I knew, after our first strategy session that there was way more to uncover.

Heather shares with you how taking the time, and making the investment in hiring a coach, actually shifted into being a huge investment in herself.

Because of that, today, Heather is not just a published children’s book author, but she now offers private coaching sessions, has a monthly writing cohort with a group of young authors, and is about launch her digital course, “How to write your first picture book.”


4:11 | How having a coach helped inspired her to build out the plan and strategy in order to have the systems in place to get things done.

7:16 | When picking a coach, pick someone who is as passionate about what you are creating as you are. 

8:22 | Building a 1-year strategy plan is the difference between success and failure.

9:08 | Practicing patience is one key ingredient, but being ready (and hungry) to work is the second ingredient.

10:15 | How to use LinkedIn and what to do and not to do when it comes to the banner image.

13:28 | Tips for picture book writers who have ideas in mind. 

  • Keep it simple
  • Don't talk down to your audience (kids)
  • Storytelling is about proving the thought

16:57 | As a service provider there is incredible value in over-delivering to your clients. Being generous with your information goes a long way.

21:15 | Being a good coach is all about learning to help others solve their problems.

25:52 | Get rid of the “JUST”! Managing people and being a woman, a mom, requires a lot of effort and skills. It’s about self-reflection.

27:54 | Community is key to your success, especially on those days when you lose your momentum. They are there to lift you up even when you don’t have any gas in the tank.

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