Power of the Pivot Podcast

028: From Merch to Mini-Courses: A Marketing Strategy Shift

May 11, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 28
Power of the Pivot Podcast
028: From Merch to Mini-Courses: A Marketing Strategy Shift
Show Notes

You're convinced that your offer, product, or services are the end all be all, but for some reason, no one is buying what you are selling. 

Just know, you are not alone. 

How you convey your messaging will be the difference between building a 5-figure business and a 7-figure company. 

As a solopreneur and one-woman show, uncovering that secret sauce can be challenging. And in my experience doesn’t start to happen and come alive until you commit to investing in yourself, thus hiring a coach, mentor, and support staff to help you get there.

But that investment can be a scary and daunting one. If you are not quite there yet, today’s episode offers 5 tips on how to reframe your messaging and repurpose it so it can be used and reused in many different ways. 

Telling your own story, building a business, and identifying your brand's core values requires a lot of heavy lifting. If you can just start with the 5 tips shared in this podcast, I promise you, you will be ahead of the pack!


1:55 | Why are you the person they should invest in? Let people know.

4:22 | Shifting from Scarcity Mindset to Abundant Mindset

5:52 | Creating your Ah-ha! Moment

8:58 | Move the Merch: repurposing your message

9:39 | From a pile of merch to a series of mini-courses

10:27 | Creating Standard Operating Procedure

11:03 | 5 steps that can help you start moving into action and do some work on your own

  1. Value proposition: Communicate who you are and how you help others in one sentence.
  2. Hook: Engage visitors further with a compelling statement that positions you as the solution to their needs.
  3. Symptoms: Tap into their emotions by addressing their pain points and showing understanding.
  4. Diagnosis: Demonstrate how your product, service, or program can overcome its obstacles, building trust.

Remedy or prescription: Offer multiple potential solutions that lead to transformation and healing.

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