Power of the Pivot Podcast

030: Success with LinkedIn: Monetizing Your Expertise & Ideas

May 25, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 30
Power of the Pivot Podcast
030: Success with LinkedIn: Monetizing Your Expertise & Ideas
Show Notes

In a recent Shopify survey of 1532 parents (62% = mothers), one in six indicated that they are very interested in entrepreneurship.

That’s a lot of women running around like a chicken with their heads cut off. A.K.A. not knowing how or where to start. 

If I was in a room with them, I would encourage each and every one of them to start by using free resources like LinkedIn.

In this episode of Get Your Shit Together, I share the value of LinkedIn and why it’s not just a place for professionals. I also share a success story of a client who updated her LinkedIn profile and received two paid consulting gigs within 48 hours. This transformation proves the value of the platform. 

LinkedIn is not just a place to share your resume. It’s also a place to virtually network, highlight your backstory, upload your offers, programs, and services, and get your people to “recommend” you which is no different than a testimonial or case study on one’s website.

If you are just starting out or pivoting from here to there, you don’t need a big, fancy website. Wanting that can hold you back and right now, as you are trying to fit a square peg in a square hole, I suggest your practice a little progress over perfection and simply start the damn thing!


  • The rise in entrepreneurship amongst women - especially moms
  • Your timeline banner is your Superbowl commercial
  • The best $150 bucks I have spent in my 14-year entrepreneurial journey
  • You don’t need a daddy Warbucks to bankroll your next idea


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