Power of the Pivot Podcast

031: From Showbiz to Photography: Finding Your Personal Image

June 01, 2023 Susan Salzman Episode 31
Power of the Pivot Podcast
031: From Showbiz to Photography: Finding Your Personal Image
Show Notes

With more and more women gliding into entrepreneurship, the need to share your personal persona all over the world wide web is becoming the norm.

None of the people I know likes this part of the game. But, with the need for speed, you gotta just surrender to the process.

And no one knows this better than my client and friend, Sheryl Wachtel, lifestyle photographer, and storyteller.

Sheryl’s road to discovery was not a straight line. What started out as the “mom” who took the kid's pictures in the preschool classroom, led her to shoot families and huge Hollywood events. Currently, included in all of the above, she is overbooked, shooting social media influencers and online moguls.

She shares her story and so much more on this week's episode of the Power Of The Pivot podcast. The pandemic forced her to rethink how she was going to do business and around the same time she found me.

Sheryl has learned in these past two years that when you are passionate about something and still love it after all these years, you have to find ways to keep it fresh. And she’s doing just that

Join us as we chat about being 50+ and leaning into your thing, community, combatting loneliness, and how someone like you can improve your brand’s image.

During out chat we discussed:

4:25|Helping people to feel good about themselves through the pictures as a photographer

6:09|Honing your niche further with the help of the right people around you

11:27|Joining a group with similar activities to connect and reevaluate your skills and discover what to improve more for personal and professional growth

14:34|Some tips from Sheryl for somebody who is rebranding and wants photos before hiring a photographer

24:22|Figuring out your hidden talents, a place to hone your personal statement

29:04|Having imposter syndrome, everyone can have this moment. You are not alone. You can do it.

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