Power of the Pivot Podcast

008: Illustrating The Life of a Miserable Mom with Sharon Brecher

August 05, 2021 Susan Salzman Episode 8
Power of the Pivot Podcast
008: Illustrating The Life of a Miserable Mom with Sharon Brecher
Show Notes

They say life starts when you realize you’re living one, but in the case of full-time mom Sharon Brecher, that one cathartic moment in her life that changed everything was when her eldest daughter started to move out for college. Her pent-up emotions and feelings about midlife crisis all the while being a mom gave birth to Miserable Moms, an unfiltered comic relief about moms for moms made by a mom. 

In this episode, Sharon talks about her eureka moment in grad school and a newfound interest in using educational software that landed her a job at FutureKids, then Disney Interactive and Disney Online. She also shares how she started Miserable Moms out of emotions, the idea behind each illustration she creates, and her two- to five-year vision and plan following the success of her naturally funny comics.

Show Highlights:

[20:35] I think the biggest thing is that, first of all, I’m loving what I’m doing. It’s fun. So when you’re enjoying it, it makes it a little bit easier even when it’s terrifying, and even when you don’t know where it's going. 

[23:16] It’s really hard sometimes to let yourself be vulnerable, right? You feel like it’s just really raw to share what you’re thinking and feeling, whether it’s in an illustration or something you’ve written or something that you’ve cooked. Whatever it is, when you’re sharing it out there, there’s a vulnerability to it.  

[23:45] But I really think that being more honest about what we’re going through, about those day-to-day things, the more we can all relate to it. 

Guest Links:

If you want to discuss any idea, scenario or have your thoughts illustrated through Miserable Moms, you can submit it on their website here, or send a voice dm on Instagram @miserablemoms. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook page to get your daily dose of raw motherhood life stories that will definitely make you laugh. 

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