The Incredible i Show

009 Leveling Up with Liam Allan

March 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 9
The Incredible i Show
009 Leveling Up with Liam Allan
Show Notes

009 We have  Liam Barry Allan (not to be confused with the FLASH) on the show today – so excited.   Don’t let this fresh face fool you – Liam is very active in the IBM i community – he is a software developer, speaker, and IBM i Champion. 

Liam talks with us about his history as a developer, extracurricular work building Open Source projects for the IBM i, his contributions to the community, his new home in North Carolina and of course beer.   

Liam's website:

It's March Madness and the IBM i events continue!  System i Developer has been hosting a series of Lunch & Learn sessions and they have hands-on workshops planned for April/May.  Click the link below for more information and registration.

Coming soon:  Security Week
We talk with security leaders about why you need to secure your IBM i environment and take the next step.

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