The Incredible i Show

010 The PCR Boys... Superhero's of RDi, SQL and Modern Solutions!

March 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
The Incredible i Show
010 The PCR Boys... Superhero's of RDi, SQL and Modern Solutions!
Show Notes

010 Today's episode was especially fun for Tony because of our guests - Mike Zaringhalam and John Robinson are not only his coworkers at PC Richard and Sons but two of his very best friends.
Mike Z is a master of SQL, RDi, documentation, and modern coding practices
and John is an amazing developer that has written some incredible web apps with new front end technologies like React,  while leveraging the IBM i's security and integrated DB.

Mike and John had never heard of the IBM I before starting at PC Richard and Sons a couple years ago. They are brilliant developers who have completely embraced the IBM i and community.  They share how they are bridging the gap between the proven IBM i applications, innovation, and business strategy.  We are thrilled to have them on the show.

Coming soon:  Security Week April 19 - 23! (like Shark Week without all the teeth and blood!)
We talk with industry experts from around the global about why you need to secure your IBM i environment and take the next step.   Meet our experts: Thomas Haze and Robert Andrews from IBM, Carol Woodbury and John Vanderwall from DXR Security, Guy Marmorat from Resiliane, and Robin Tatam from HelpSystems.   

Upcoming Events:   
iAdmin Spring 2021 from iTech Tuesday, April 20 - Wednesday, April 21
Two full days.  Live IBM i Focused Sessions.  No Cost. (the best part right!) Check out their website for more information.

COMMON's new Hybrid event taking place in Columbus, OH, as well as virtually, on May 24-26, 2021.  This 2.5 day conference has something for everyone, with over 250 session presented by industry experts - including our podcast guest Mike Zaringhalam and John Robinson and our security week experts.  Click on the link for more information and to register.   

Feel free to contact Mike and John - they welcome your questions and comments.
Mike Zaringhalam - [email protected]
John Robinson - [email protected]

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Midrange Dynamics Change Management Software - Built for IBM i modernization!

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