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009 Ted (Macksam) Talks IBM i

August 22, 2021 Season 2 Episode 9
The Incredible i Show
009 Ted (Macksam) Talks IBM i
Show Notes

009 On this week’s episode we have Ted Macksam, VP of Information Technology from Hatco.  Innovation isn’t just talked about at Hatco – it’s a way of life!  Ted shares how Hatco leverages IBM i at the center of all the cool things they are doing.  Why?  Because everything just runs better with IBM i.  

They are using open source, pushing the envelope with SQL, temporal tables, and stored procedures, using POWER HA and Flash Copy for disaster recovery – and they test it annually, so they know it works.  Ted is not a one-man band; he has an amazing team, and they are the reason Hatco is so successful. 

Ted’s contact information and social:
Email: [email protected]
Cell - 262-993-0172

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Tony's picks for this week:
Ruggable – with 2 dogs in the house, it’s the only way to go!    

Peg's pick for the week:   
Peg has 2 picks this week.  1. Her daughter heading back to school – in person!  2. And watermelon!  

Ted’s pick for the week:
Pickleball!  Ted racket of choice is from Gearbox.  It’s not just for the retired folks!  

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