The Incredible i Show
08 iGenius: Transforming IBM i into a Tech Powerhouse with Dan Magid
Episode Artwork 08 iGenius: Transforming IBM i into a Tech Powerhouse with Dan Magid 52:47 Episode Artwork 07 Sipping Coffee with Marina Schwenk: A Tech Tale 57:36 Episode Artwork 06 The Big 100: Toasting to a Century of Shows on The Incredible i Show! 54:31 Episode Artwork 05 Cloud Chronicles Unleashed: Mastering the Art of Hybrid Cloud 54:29 Episode Artwork 04 RCL's Inaugural Triumph: Cameron Stewart of Oakley Transport Secures the First Fellowship 37:06 Episode Artwork 03 Innovation in Action: Scott Klement and Yvonne Enselmen on Addressing the IBM i Skills Gap 52:16 Episode Artwork 02 Survey Says: Tom Huntington Diving Deep into the IBM i Marketplace Survey 43:43 Episode Artwork 01 Unlocking the Secrets of Cybersecurity: Protect What Matters Most with Jeff Crume 53:06 Episode Artwork 012 Bon Voyage, Season 6: Here Comes Season 7! 5:50 Episode Artwork 011 Open Source Magic Node-RED: IBM i's Hidden Gem 1:09:59 Episode Artwork 010 IBM i's Greatest Hits: Alison Butterill's Swansong and Beyond 1:05:12 Episode Artwork 009 Navigating IBM i's Announcements with Doug Gibbs & Pete Massiello 55:49 Episode Artwork 008 IBM i Rising Stars: The Loeber Fellowship Adventure 38:55 Episode Artwork 007 Cloud Quest with Ash Giddings: IBM i Insights 58:14 Episode Artwork 006 The Jesse Gorzinski Power Hour: Revolutionizing IBM i Productivity 54:26 Episode Artwork 005 The IBM i Education Revolution: Gina King's Manifesto 1:01:01 Episode Artwork 004 Modernizing Technical Debt: A Conversation with Juan Manuel Alcudia 52:50 Episode Artwork 003 The Liam Allan Effect: Transforming Tech at IBM 39:55 Episode Artwork 002 Byte-Sized Banter: Techie Tales with Doug and Steve 46:44 Episode Artwork 001 Beyond Boundaries: INFOR's Trailblazing Impact 33:33 Episode Artwork 019 Incredible Curtain Call: Unforgettable Season 5 Wrap-up 3:04 Episode Artwork 018 Innovation Bonanza: IBM i 35 Years of Mind-Blowing Tech Awesomeness! 1:33:36 Episode Artwork 017 Redefining Possibilities: Unleashing IBM i Skills and Services for the Future 40:42 Episode Artwork 016 Geospatial Revolution: Exploring the Powerhouse Duo of IBM i and Watson 48:06 Episode Artwork 015 Safeguarding Your Digital Kingdom: Pauline Brazil Ayala's Guide to IBM i Security 33:42