Race Reflections AT WORK

Surviving the Workplace While Black

June 07, 2021 Race Reflections Season 1 Episode 7
Race Reflections AT WORK
Surviving the Workplace While Black
Show Notes

In today’s episode we consider surviving the workplace while black. We reflect on the workplace conditions of previous and current generations of black people, particularly black women.

We think about three strands that are navigated when working while black:

1.  Inequalities and structural racism which impacts physical and mental health.

2. Experiences of discrimination, interpersonal racism and bullying which intersect with structural issues.

3. The internal and external pressures put on black people by themselves, their family and community, to work twice as hard to overcome these oppressive systems.

Living While Black: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Racial Trauma is out: https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/144/1442992/living-while-black/9781529109436.html

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