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Wendy Rogers and Jackson Lahmeyer | Flyover Conservatives
Sep 09, 2021
Flyover Conservatives

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Wendy Rogers is a colonel in the US Air Force along with being a State Senator for Arizona, but even more importantly than her title are her present actions of holding the feet of the left to the fire on election integrity. She is leading the charge in Arizona and with a a William Wallace like integrity she is inspiring the nation to move forward with Courage.

Jackson Lahmeyer is a pastor, business owner and is now running for US Senate for the great state of Oklahoma. These two have paired up to be the dynamic duo on a march for integrity!

Wendy’s Site ► https://wendyrogers.org

Jackson’s Campaign Site ► https://jacklaw.us

Wendy Roger’s “Decertify The Election” Petition ► https://action.wendyrogers.org/decertify/

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