Biden-Harris Vs Texas Trump Train | Flyover Conservatives
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Biden-Harris Vs Texas Trump Train | Flyover Conservatives
Sep 16, 2021
Flyover Conservatives

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Joeylynn and her husband were excited to show their support for their president and the their counter support for the Biden Harris campaign on October 30th as the Biden-Harris bus pulled through New Braunfels, Texas, where they live. They escorted the bus about 15 miles on a major interstate and waved them past with smiles in an obvious “Texas-Style” “Don’t Mess with Texas” gesture. Months later they received notification from MSM that deep state leadership had dusted off a 100 year old law in order to drag them, their name and their reputation through the mud with the intention of bankrupting them. Now is the time where we rally around the one Flyover Family! Share this story… Support them with your finances… and push back against the DEEP-STATE on the battlefield they have chosen. 


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