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Paul McLean: We Need a "Come to Cannabis" Moment
Paul McLean: We Need a "Come to Cannabis" Moment 1:04:26 Cullen Raichart: Become Focused & Tight, or Die 52:53 Charles Pyfrom: How to Protect Against Worst-Case Scenarios 33:53 Jason Reposa: Good Feels Goes Bigtime After Being Born with a Homemade Bottler in the Basement 50:28 Jeff Luciano: Big Victories for Cannabis in a Small NY Town 1:04:02 Thomas Winstanley: The Future of Cannabis Commerce 1:00:36 Brandon Bahr: The Industry Has a Solvent Problem 49:08 Ginger Sloan: Opportunities Abound for Women in Cannabis 31:55 Narbé Alexandrian: Cannabis is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity 38:10 David Kessler: A New Approach to Cultivation 54:50 Steve Gutterman: It's Better to Be Deep Than Broad 38:05 Haitham Al-Beik: How to Automate Cannabis Retail 52:10 Milan Patel: We Are at War with Pathogens 53:48 Mikhail Sagal & Gary Arnold: The Industry Has a Glaring Knowledge Gap 1:03:46 Dan Horowitz: Cannabis Companies Can't Neglect Shredding, Milling Equipment 42:28 Brandon Barksdale: Even When You're Great, You Could Be Better 47:58 Kenny Morrison: I Was Not Cut Out for Retail 55:09 Terry Van Gelder: Hybrid Design Addresses Problems with Conventional Greenhouses 1:00:57 Paulo Sobral: Cannabis Beverages Will Be the Largest Consumer Segment 46:48 James Eaves: A Fundamentally New Type of Electricity 47:35 Mark Doherty: Solving Traditional Problems with Racking Systems 53:52 Wes Reynolds: Subpar Equipment Doesn't Help Anybody 1:00:21 Mitch Galton: Building a Cannabis Facility is Like Buying a Car 46:01 Luke Costello: Filling Gaps in Cannabis Equipment & Innovation 38:11 Christian Hageseth: Cleaning Up the Cannabis Industry's Dirty Secrets 53:42