Regent College Podcast
(REPLAY) Spiritual Friendship - With Dr. Wesley Hill
(REPLAY) Spiritual Friendship - With Dr. Wesley Hill 46:34 (REPLAY) Do Racial Categories Contribute to Racism? - With Dr. Elizabeth Sung 1:07:17 (REPLAY) Radical Hospitality and Justice - With Dr. Krish Kandiah 48:04 (REPLAY) Old Testament Suffering and Life with God - With Dr. Isabelle Hamley 51:38 End of Season 3 - With Claire Perini and Nick Corbin 6:34 The Gospels as Narrative - With Dr. Jeannine Brown 56:23 Worship in Polyrhythm- With Dr. Mark Glanville 55:02 Flood and Fury, Violence in the Old Testament and The Shalom of God - With Dr. Matthew Lynch 50:34 Chinese Christian Thought, Theology, and History - With Dr. Alexander Chow 1:03:10 The Book of Exodus, Pharaoh's Hard Heart, Taking God's Name in Vain - With Dr. Carmen Joy Imes 1:00:36 Neuroscience, Being Known, and The Anatomy of the Soul - With Dr. Curt Thompson 55:25 Becoming Whole Pastors - With Dr. Tremper Longman III and Dr. Mark Glanville 40:07 Loneliness , Social Isolation, and Care for Seniors - With Dr. Claudia Rossetto 1:02:20 Vocational Discipleship, Career Coaching, and Discernment - With Tami Peterson 1:00:30 Border-relations, Mission, Cross-cultural Experiences, and Latin American University Students - With Alejandra Ortiz 52:53 Where is God in the Megilloth, Divine Presence and Absence - With Dr. Brittany Melton 56:27 Child Centred Theology and the Spiritual Formation of Children in the 18th Century - with Dr. Cindy Aalders 44:15 Biblical Metaphor, Isaiah's Servant, and Kingdom Diversity in Theological Education 52:26 A Poetic Journey - With Jolene Nolte 48:12 Refugee, Asylum Seeker, Migrant and the Book of Isaiah - With Dr. Barnabas Aspray 57:17 End of 2022 3:10 The Life of St. Francis of Assisi - With Dr. Steven Watts 58:10 A Thick Understanding of Mental Health - With Dr. John Swinton 43:55 Who Was the Apostle Paul? - With Dr. Paul Spilsbury 1:00:37 The Artist #3: Hand Painting, Dementia, and a Long Goodbye - With Toni Dolfo-Smith 37:13