The Child Care Business Podcast

Episode 8: Hiring the Best Staff & Making the “Pandemic Pivot” | Beth Cannon

June 10, 2021 Procare Solutions Season 1 Episode 8
The Child Care Business Podcast
Episode 8: Hiring the Best Staff & Making the “Pandemic Pivot” | Beth Cannon
Show Notes

Beth Cannon is a powerhouse in the child care space, and in this episode, you’ll hear about her amazing journey – from how she catapulted her Stretch-n-Grow program to the company’s most successful franchise in the world, to becoming a sought-after trainer, to making a huge “pandemic pivot.” 

 You’ll learn:

·         How Beth grew her program to 25 schools and a six-figure income in 3 years

·         Beth’s secret sauce for hiring and retention

·         The ways Beth navigated a financially devastating blow to her business due to COVID-19

About Beth:

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams. With 25+ years of diverse experience, she is known for her niche in creating compelling content that captures the audience.

In 1999, Beth launched Stretch-n-Grow – an international children’s fitness franchise and quickly became the most successful affiliate in the world and took the reins as corporate trainer for new franchisees. She is also a registered early education trainer.

Through her personal brand, Beth Cannon Speaks, Beth offers online courses for early education leaders and teachers as well as live and virtual events.

She is the appointed Chairwoman of the Champion Child Advisory Board, author and developer of the Youth Fitness Instructor Certification Program, and the Director of Corporate Training for Stretch-n-Grow International – the world’s leading enrichment program provider for childcare centers throughout the world.

You can connect with Beth by visiting her website:

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