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An Easter People: Live at CTU

April 19, 2022 Marcia Lane-McGee
Plaid Skirts & Basic Black
An Easter People: Live at CTU
Show Notes

This special bonus episode is coming to you Live (ish) from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Marcia & Shannon take deep dive into the Easter chapter of our new book,  Fat Luther, Slim Pickin's: A Black Catholic Celebration of Faith, Tradition, and Diversity (Ave Maria Press, 2022), just in time for the Easter season. It's the (second) greatest miracle ever to happen on Easter!

Special thanks Steve Millies and Peter Cunningham at the Bernadin Center at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago for making this event a reality.

To learn more about CTU go to for information on ministry formation, degree programs, continuing education, and so much more!

Pick up a copy of Fat Luther, Slim Pickin's from Ave Maria Press. Use the code FATLUTHER through December 31, 2022 to get 20% off your purchase along with free shipping.

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