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Bonus episode: Podcasts for sparking conversations on global health

March 31, 2023 Dr. Garry Aslanyan, TDR, a research programme at the World Health Organization Season 2 Episode 11
Global Health Matters
Bonus episode: Podcasts for sparking conversations on global health
Show Notes

The growing popularity of podcasts as an innovative platform for sharing experiences and views on a wide range of topics was one of the inspirations for starting Global Health Matters. As engaging and learning from our stakeholders is one of our goals, we invited some fellow podcasters and our listeners to join a live Twitter Space discussion on how podcasts are sparking conversations on global health. This bonus episode shares some highlights from the Twitter Space moderated by our podcast host Garry Aslanyan, covering topics such as the unique advantages of podcasts compared with other communication tools, the accessibility of podcasts, and how they are used by educators in the classroom.

-Emmanuella Amoako, co-host of Global Health Unfiltered podcast
-Leshawn Benedict and Gordon Thane, hosts of Public Health Insight podcast
-Mark Goldberg, host of Global Dispatches podcast
-Priti Patnaik, editor of Geneva Health Files

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