Global Health Matters

Navigating digital health waves

January 11, 2022 Dr Garry Aslanyan, TDR, a research programme at the World Health Organization Season 1 Episode 9
Global Health Matters
Navigating digital health waves
Show Notes

Increasingly, digital technologies are transforming the delivery of health services and the functioning of health systems. Many of these technologies have also presented new ways of doing research and informed rapid decision-making. In this episode, we hear how UNICEF worked with Jamaica to rapidly deploy an electronic registry solution for the COVID-19 vaccine. We also learn that the Philippine government created a huge opportunity for research by allowing open access to data from COVID-19 tests.

Host Garry Aslanyan speaks with the following guests:

  •  Alvin Marcelo: Executive Director of Asia eHealth Information Network andChief Medical Information Officer of St. Luke's Medical Center in the Philippines
  • Karin Källander: Senior Health Adviser and Chief of the Digital Health & Information Systems Unit, UNICEF

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