Eye On Horror
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Franchise Anchors 59:03 Uncovering Found Footage Films 59:36 Nightmare Pregnancies and Creepy Babies 57:42 Bloody Diners, Haunted Garages, and Dukey Flyswatter 1:02:09 A Rally for More Women Directed Horror 56:06 The X-tra Long Catch Up Episode 1:01:44 Rise of the Requel! 56:34 Real Body Horror: The Legacy of Jackass 53:11 Yellowjackets Minisode 17:44 Toxic Relationships in Horror 56:02 Mini-sode Ep.1 Scream 5 15:45 Season 5 is Here with a Scream! 1:01:45 2021 Top Tens! 59:37 Toxic Fandoms 58:24 Dysfunctional & Demented Dinners 55:53 We Know What Cinematographer Anka Malatynska Did Last Summer 56:56 Monsters, Makeup & Effects with Heather Wixson 1:17:33 EOH Book Club W/Author Waylon Jordan 59:32 Our Favorite Satans 59:09 What a Twist! The films of M. Night Shyamalan 57:20 R.L. Stine - Walking Fear Street and Giving Ourselves Goosebumps 56:51 The Many Talents of Ama Lea 57:34 Let's Get Lost (Films)! 58:45 Creepy Crawlies 55:56 Back to Theaters 57:09