Eye On Horror
Day Trip to the City
Day Trip to the City 59:29 Dark Nature with Director Berkley Brady 1:00:53 Tubular Tubi Recommendations! 56:38 The Cinematography of Malum with Sean McDaniel 51:23 Wrestling Aliens With Composer Andrew Gordon Macpherson 1:02:45 Scream VI Minisode 25:14 There's No Place Like Home For Home Invaders 58:10 100 Episodes Later, Academy Still Snubs Horror 1:04:39 Revisiting 1BR with Naomi Grossman and Alok Mishra 1:08:40 Talking Titans Episode 4 Finale 54:39 Talking Titans Episode 3 1:02:33 Top Tens For 2022 55:35 Buy. Consume. Die. 58:09 Talking Titans Minisode: Revenge of the Nerd Categories 36:33 Our Halloween Break Ends 1:01:37 Talking Titans Minisode Series Kickoff! 59:31 Welcome to the Hotel Full of Horror 57:17 Retaliating with The Geare Brothers 56:28 Man vs. BEAST 1:01:54 Eat PREY Love 1:01:39 Horror in Summer Blockbusters 52:36 Talking IT with John Campopiano and Christopher Griffiths 59:12 Hardest Working Partners in Horror 58:11 Franchise Anchors 59:03 Uncovering Found Footage Films 59:36