Selling the Cloud

Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy in B2B Sales - with Larry Long Jr.

October 18, 2021 Ray Rike
Selling the Cloud
Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy in B2B Sales - with Larry Long Jr.
Show Notes

Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy personify Larry Long Jr.  In fact, his self-appointed title is "Chief Energy Officer".

Larry has a long career in B2B Sales, following his college baseball career at the University of Maryland.  This experience has led to his vision to educate, inspire, motivate, energize and entertain sales organizations and sales professionals.

Mindset is critical to B2B Sales success, and Larry says this requires "MBS", or taking care of your Mind, Body, and Soul.  Balancing all aspects of your life is critical to long-term success in sales.  Another key factor to success is to answer the question:" do you have a great coach that is challenging you to take it to the next level to be the best you can be"?

Larry suggests doing a self-audit to identify one thing you can do to elevate a single aspect of your personal well-being. Larry suggested using the ABCD's - Action, Belief, Care, and Dream to conduct your self-audit to hold yourself accountable.

Larry highlighted that sales leaders need to increase the amount of time they invest to understand, and then impact the "MBS" of every person in your organization, beyond hitting the number.  Today's modern sales professional places as much weight on personal growth, and culture as much as they do on compensation.

Sales leadership is a people business, and by asking yourself, "what are you doing to help someone else" you will be far ahead of the curve on being a leader that people will want to follow.  

Larry highlights that his energy delivers a "JOLT" to a sales organization, but is not the primary ingredient to a long-lasting, positive culture. A long-lasting culture requires ongoing focus to ensure each member of your team is being challenged and growing as an individual, as well as a sales professional.

Larry recommends the following  EPIC qualities are critical for B2B sales success:

E - Entrepreneurial spirit
P - Practice, Preparation, and Planning
I -  Internal Drive and Design
C - Communication, Curiosity, Confidence, Care 

Continuous coaching is one of the most important yet most difficult skills for first-time managers to master.  Larry does not think we need specialized coaches to supplement first-time managers, but we do need to be careful of promoting the top salesperson to sales manager without the appropriate training, mentoring, and coaching.

If you are looking for a JOLT of energy and entertainment, while also hearing some new ideas and concepts to fuel your sales career or sales organization, Larry Long Jr. is a great listen.