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Episode 34: Mindset & Holistic Health with Laura Folkes

June 14, 2021 Evelyn joined by Laura Folkes Episode 34
She is Fab
Episode 34: Mindset & Holistic Health with Laura Folkes
Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by Laura Folkes and we discuss mindset and holistic health

Laura Folkes is a Certified Holistic Health Coach supporting busy adults who know what they should be eating, but have a hard time consistently sticking to it. Working with Laura can radically transform your relationship with food and get to the bottom of why you “fall off track” in order to achieve sustainable results towards both healthy eating and a healthy relationship with food.

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 I am a certified and accredited Transformation Mindset Life Coach. 

Mindset & Goal Setting 
Women Empowerment 
EQ – Emotional Intelligence 
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CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy 
REBT - Rational Behavior Therapy 

I help aspiring women with impostor syndrome, gain clarity and consistency, and overcome fear with my 4-step process in order to achieve their goals. 

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