Film Fresh

Film Fresh Introduction Episode

January 24, 2021 Chester Goad and Jared Easley Season 1 Episode 1
Film Fresh
Film Fresh Introduction Episode
Show Notes

Join Chester Goad and Jared Easley to discuss what Season 1 of the Film Fresh podcast is all about.

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Chester Goad and Jared Easley are your hosts for Film Fresh.  

Co-Host Jared Easley is also Co-Founder of Podcast Movement, the largest podcasting organization and conference globally. In addition to Film Fresh, Jared is the host of the long-running Top Rated, Top Ranked professional development podcast "Starve the Doubts." (He's interviewed hundreds of influencers, high achievers, and self-starters.) Jared lives in Florida.
Co-Host Chester Goad has appeared on tv, in commercials, and indie film productions. Outside Film Fresh, he’s an educator. His most recent entertainment adventure is pursuing stand-up comedy and feature film. Chester has also produced and hosted two previous podcasts. He has interviewed various entertainment personalities, including TLC's Amy Roloff of Little People Big World, Josh Devine, previously of One Direction and Jeff Gilbert, formerly of Kutlass, The Skit Guys, Mike Foster of People of the Second Chance, and many others. Outside podcasting, Chester interviewed Chris Tomlin, Bart Millard of MercyMe, Colton Dixon, and others for print work. Chester lives in Tennessee.
Both Chester and Jared desire to support other creatives actively developing “fresh” positive or clean, faith based or family-friendly entertainment.